Welcome to Vanguard Human Resource Consulting

What We Do

Welcome To Vanguard Human Resource Consulting

We are a premier management consulting firm committed to foster the Companies growth & development through effective HR interventions. Established in 2003 Skillsplus is a joint effort of great Experience the Talent and positive vibes you will be experiencing. Today, we can say it shall emerge as Specialized Human Resource Consulting force in India starting from New Delhi. Our team specializes in Recruitment & Selection, Search, Organizational Behavior, Labor Law, Applied Psychology,etc to name a few.

Our Consulting Philosophy. . .

We take into cognizance each client’s particular requirements, concerns, organizational style & business strategy while offering customized human resources solutions that help impact business results. In this consulting process, the client is an active participant and decision maker. Our endeavor is to supplement internal capabilities, and not substitute them.

Range of Services . . .

Most organizations today, have begun to feel the need to downplay the concept of “lifelong” employment and replace it with a new perspective of employment relationship. We can help you create an employment relationship of mutual interdependence; your company needs employees who have a greater sense of urgency; who adapt quickly & willingly; and who produce results that exceed your customer’s expectations. In return your employees need freedom from worry, freedom to focus on their jobs, freedom to learn, to try new things, take risks & make mistakes. With the services & methodologies we have developed, you can forge an effective employer/employee partnership by focusing employees on critical strategies, gaining their unceasing commitment to business goals, and creating a meaningful value to their lives - at a lower cost.

How We Propose to Assist You...

Our Database

Over the years, we have evolved for ourselves an image of a firm that places high regard on confidentiality of data shared. This has enabled us to build an exhaustive database of over 250 companies (Current Year) spanning across industries like Telecommunication, Software, Information Technology, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Banking, Engineering and Automobiles. We leverage the power of this information to help our clients learn from their own data - & from comparisons of their data to that of peer organizations.

Design & Development of Structures

Our consulting expertise encompasses evolving recommendations on competitive Compensation & Benefit structures. To best meet the pay philosophy of your organization, we would work with you to identify appropriate compensation approaches for executives, that are consistent with your financial goals and management style. Other related services offered in the area of effective tax planning and compliance with statutory regulations. .