HR Consulting

As the business landscape has evolved, the role of human resources has gone beyond mere administrative function. Human resource strategy is a set of decisions a company makes about its people who mange and drive its business.

We create strategies that help our clients succeed. The key to implementing a business strategy successfully is finding the vision that will attract the right people and resources. We work closely with our clients to clarify that vision and the mission that it implies.

In a fast paced corporate environment ‘employee relationships’ take care and nurturing. Moreover you need to constantly monitor how you are doing. Vanguard Human Resource Consultants can help you develop and implement an integrated approach to ‘talent management’ to achieve improved bottom-line results.


Employee Listening and Communication

Our consulting disciplines include quantitative and qualitative research based on psychology & behavioral sciences. We administer customized surveys to obtain for you –‘employee opinions and preferences’ on – benefits, compensation issues, retention strategies. Plus objective assessment of employee’s attitude and morale.

Legal compliance

Organizations operating in global markets often get caught in a complicated web of regulatory and statutory requirements. We step in to provide you with support on labor laws & industrial relations. Our legal consultants combine law degrees with hands on industry experience.

Some specific services:

  • – Compliance with statutory laws and regulations.
  • – Developing detailed specifications for plans, trusts, employment contracts and other legal documents.
  • – Preparing material for filing with governmental agencies.

Personnel Policies and Systems

We work with you to design and develop HR policies, systems & procedures that are in consonance with your business strategies & objectives. Some specific services:

  • – Formulation and design of easy reference personnel manuals
  • – Developing employee handbooks