Recruitment & Selections

The foundation of our search practice has three key elements – relationships, commitment, and technology. To provide you with a proven combination of industry expertise and competitive advantage to make exceptional hiring decisions.

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for professionals. With mergers, acquisitions and take-over’s, finding high caliber professionals has become a challenge.

Our consulting experience has enabled us to build an extensive network. We have relationships with professionals in various functional areas and industries. For each search and recruitment assignment we adopt a structured and customized approach to seek the most outstanding candidates for you.

The assessment on our part is thorough and detailed, against a pre established selection criteria. Its a closely coordinated yet fast moving practice.

We are not satisfied with the selection till you are –

Our Selection Strategies include:

  • – Executive Search
  • – Selection through Media
  • – Psychological Testing

To bring standardization and objectivity to the recruitment process, Vanguard Human Resource Consultants also extends its services in the field of Psychological Testing, using standardized Psychological instruments such as MBTI, TAT and 16PF etc.