Salary & Benefits Outsourcing

Large corporations often provide a wide range of employee benefit plans across geographically dispersed employee groups. Administering these, from managing eligibility, contributions, enrollment processes , overseeing vendor relationships, premium disbursements, and compliance, can be a time consuming and expensive task.

Managing employee benefits has ramifications on employee satisfaction, government compliance, technology investment, and total labor costs. As HR departments face such pressures, the concept of outsourcing benefits administration to external vendors has become a viable alternative – from an economical and service point of view.

With our extensive experience in the area of compensation & benefits programs, we help you provide the highest level of service to your employees.

Our services include:

  • – Monthly payroll processing including tax deduction at source.
  • – Management of Provident Fund, Superannuation & Gratuity programs.
  • – Filing of statutory returns – Income tax, Provident Fund etc.

To bring standardization and objectivity to the recruitment process, Vanguard Human Resource Consultants also extends its services in the field of Psychological Testing, using standardized Psychological instruments such as MBTI, TAT and 16PF etc.